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Hotel on Thursday 8 June

The recommended hotel for Thursday 8 June is the Cool Mama in Salzburg.

We remind you that, unlike other hotels, booking is optional and at the expense of the participants.

We recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible to take advantage of the maximum availability of rooms.

At the hotel we will organize the accreditations, as usual, starting at 16:00.

Afterwards, starting from 19:00, the event opening briefing will take place in Italian and then in English.

On the underground floor -2 you will find directions to an area of the car park which will be delimited and reserved for our cars.

When making the reservation, we ask you to insert the following comment "Brera Touring Cup 2023" in the notes field.

Further information will follow for dinner reservations.

Use this link for your reservations:

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