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Committment To The Environment: ZERO Emissions Event


Brera Touring Cup is synonymous with driving pleasure in nature and in tune with nature. We can't imagine another context in which to set our Event. At the same time, we are aware of the environmental impact that each edition entails and of the contribution that each of us must make in order to preserve the environment. Particularly when the environmental impact derives from a playful activity. 

Our Brera and Spider are recently designed cars, produced from 2006 to 2010. However, they cannot guarantee emissions on a par with recently produced cars and are far from the impact of electric vehicles.  

For this reason we have decided to adopt, already starting from the 5th Edition, an environmental impact reduction policy based on three commitments:


1) Control of CO2 emissions

All participating cars must be subjected to an exhaust gas test  and must be within the limits set for the specific model. Cars with emissions significantly above these limits are not accepted.


2) Calculation of the overall impact

On the basis of the quantities of Co2 emitted by each car and the number of participating cars and the expected kilometers, we will carry out an analysis of the environmental impact (total CO2 emitted) at the end of registration.

3) Sign off a compensation initiative

Based on the result of the calculation of the environmental impact, we will sign a compensation initiative in collaboration with a specialized partner identified from time to time. 

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