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Registration Closure Brera Touring Cup 2024

Dear enthusiasts,

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to all those who have renewed their trust in our event again this year. We are pleased to announce that we have approved the participation of three teams previously on the waiting list, bringing the total number of registered vehicles to 43.

Furthermore, we have decided to move up the registration closure to April 20th. We will be able to accept a maximum of two more registrations, but only upon payment of the full fee at the time of registration.

Thank you to all who have registered for your continued support. In the coming days, we will provide further details on the program, including the presentation of the final route and selected accommodations such as hotels and restaurants. We are confident that this year's rich and exclusive program will make the edition even more enjoyable and memorable.

See you soon,

The Brera Touring Cup and 939 Privilege Team

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