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Brera Touring Cup 2023 First Prize

We are pleased to announce that the first prize reserved for the winning crew of the 2023 Touring Cup, thanks to a special partnership started with Swisswax, will be the fabulous MASTER COLLECTION kit including Carnauba wax worth 1085 CHF. 1085.00.

SWISSVAX's slogan "care for your dream" can only be in line with the passion for our Brera and Spider. The special partnership will allow us to share the knowledge and skills of Swisswax with those of us who want to give their car the best care. To learn more about Swisswax, a leading company in the car care market, you can visit the website.

Unlike conventional polishes, Swissvax waxes do not contain abrasives and can be used on all types of paintwork: modern water-based paint systems, so-called nano paints and even old nitro paints. Swissvax consists of two components, including the pre-treatment Cleaner Fluid Regular and carnauba wax. The waxes are easy and pleasant to use and leave no white residue on the rubber or around the edges.

Carnauba is the hardest, purest, most transparent and most expensive natural wax in the world. It is obtained from the tops of the leaves of the Brazilian palm 'Copernica prunifera' and graded according to color and clarity. The highest quality is classified as a rare first class carnauba and used for our waxes. The degree of sheen increases the more there is carnauba in a recipe. While conventional car polishes contain 3% to 5% carnauba wax, Swissvax formulations contain 30% to 76% by volume, one of the highest concentrations available on the market.

Unlike conventional polishes - which only polish the paint surfaces, while the lower layers become increasingly dry and hungry - Swissvax carnauba waxes enriched with oily extracts of passion fruit, oranges, avocados and vanilla give the paint a deep shine. The result is a deep and unique "wet look" that inspires collectors and car enthusiasts around the world.Swissvax produces high-end and luxury car care products, a brand for which car enthusiasts around the world have a great affinity. Swissvax is also the first choice of various car manufacturers in the luxury segment who allow us to supply them with their own branded care products.

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