Welcome to the Brera Touring Cup 2021 registration form. Please fill in this form in all its parts to submit your subscription. The organizers reserve the right to accept every single request individually. The participant's registration in the preliminary line-up confirms the acceptance of the same. From that moment on, the rules of the regulation regarding registrations and payments apply.

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REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION: By submitting this registration form I declare that I wish to participate in the 5th Edition Brera Touring Cup and I accept all the conditions of participation indicated in the "Online Entry" page. At the same time I undertake to promptly notify any impediment to join, knowing that I may not be entitled to get a refund according to the registration rules.

PRIVACY: Pursuant to the applicable regulations in Italy and in my Country of origin regarding privacy and processing of personal data, I agree to the processing of my personal data within the limits and for the organizational needs of Brera Touring Cup.

PHOTO AND VIDEO: I am aware that the organizers of the Brera Touring Cup will take photographs, videos and audios during the Event, and I authorize without reserve their publication on the web channels and on any other media raising the organization itself from any constraint and economic request with regard to their use

RESPONSIBILITY DISCHARGE: I declare that I am aware of the rules of the traffic laws in the Countries crossed during the Event, I undertake to comply with these rules and raise the organization of the Brera Touring Cup from any liability related to physical damage and materials that could incur during the journey.

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If you are attending our event for the first time, we ask you to upload a photograph of your car here. It will be examined to confirm that the car is in original condition to be accepted to participate in the Brera Touring Cup