A few lines are enough to describe Giordano and Stefania's career and victories.

According to a recent article, "Apart from unlikely denials, Giordano Mozzi and Stefania Biasca are the only regularity racers who won in Europe, America, Asia and Australia". Therefore the definition, in the same article, of "Heroes of the four continents".


It is imperative to mention two great victories at the Mille Migliain 2011 with a 1933 Aston Martin Le Mans and in 2014 with a 1928 Lancia Lambda Spider Casaro. A long list of victories, merits and personal comments finds the right and official placement on their website.

Giordano and Stefania, have already accompanied the Brera Touring Cup since 2019 enjoying the sympathy and admiration of all the participants.

Hence the decision to continue to collaborate on our project which will therefore see Giordano and Stefania supporters of initiatives and VIP testimonials of the next edition of the Brera Touring Cup.


From that moment they took the decision to contribute to our Touring Cup project. Giordano and Stefania will be supporter and VIP testimonials of the next Brera Touring Cup edition.


Good luck champions, and see you at the 2022 Touring Cup!