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Blue - SpeedHolics Yearbook Two’s intense blue cover offers a glimpse at what’s inside this homage to the printed word and image, and to performance automotive design. The cover story alludes to an exclusive interview with the engineers behind the exceptionally rare Maserati MC12. One of the most detailed accounts of this extraordinary vehicle that can be found. Also inside, discover in-depth articles and profiles with some of the greatest heroes, unsung or otherwise, in the motoring world, from racers, to engineers, to revolutionary photographers. Find 17 articles and over 140 stunning images, all printed on premium quality paper. Perfect as a coffee table or office desk centrepiece, this second edition of the SpeedHolics Yearbook serves to bring car lovers a reminder of what we love and why we love it, and to uphold SpeedHolics' commitment to extraordinary editorial quality. It celebrates automotive elegance and heritage, reflecting the unique allure and history of the automotive world.



  • 218 meticulously curated pages
  • 17 compelling narratives from esteemed authors
  • Prose in universally accessible English
  • Approximately 120 high-resolution photographs
  • Printed on superior Fedrigoni Tatami White 150 paper
  • Elegant soft cover on Garda Matt 400 paper with two flaps
  • Packing: cardboard box with SpeedHolics Logo
  • Stately dimensions of 23 x 28 x 3.5 cm


Please be aware that additional customs duties may apply at the time of delivery.

SpeedHolics Yearbook 2 Paperback

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