Three days of driving and fun are waiting for you


Turing Cup 2021 registrations are open until June 30th, 2021. Registrations will be closed if the maximum number of admitted cars will be reached. Potential exceptions will be evaluated case by case.


Fee per person
with single room


Fee per 2 people crew

with twin or double room


Fee per person

with single room


Fee per 2 people crew

with twin or double room

Club Memeber Fee

This fee is per person in a single room or for a two people in a twin/double room and it is reserved to 939 Privilege Owners Club 2021 card owners or members of other authorised Clubs. Clubs registering at least 3 Brera or Spider 939 will reiceve for all their subscribers a Club Member Fee. 

If you are not a 939 Privilege Member you can still submit your registration request by paying the annual membership fee of €35 (not included in the above rate). The registration request must be submitted by completing this form. The final payment of the membership fee is a prerequisite for obtaining a Club Member Fee.

Standard Fee

Participation fee per person in a single room or two people in a double room reserved for all non-registered 939 Privilege Owners Club.


N.B. Non-members can simultaneously submit a registration request to the 939 Privilege Owners Club by paying the annual membership fee of € 35 not included in the indicated rate. The registration request must be sent by completing this form. The balance of the membership fee is a prerequisite for the acceptance of registration for the Event.

For personalized quotations (Extra Comfort Rooms or extra services) or to report additional joiners please contact



The following models are admitted to the Touring Cup 2021:

- Alfa Brera mod. 939 (All versions)

- Alfa Spider mod. 939 (All versions)

- Other Alfa Romeo models (historical cars only registered before 1980)

A limited number of participants is admitted as follows (exceptions will be evaluated by the organization on a case-by-case basis):

- Alfa Brera/Spider mod. 939 (Maximum 60 cars)

- Alfa Romeo Tribute 110 Years - other Alfa Romeo models with production date prior to 1980 (Maximum 10 cars)

NOTE: All registered cars must respect the original features provided by the manufacturer. The Brera Touring Cup organisation reserves the right to ask for photographic documentation of the cars entered and to refuse the registration of cars that do not respect this prerequisite. The Brera Touring Cup organisation also reserves the right to reject cars that do not comply with the homologation specifications or current road traffic laws during the technical checks.


There are two types of participants:

- Tourers: Tourers take part in the event by following the Safety car. The crew can be formed by the driver only. Overtaking is not allowed. Tourers will drive all together following the Safety car or a car of the Touring Cup organisation.

- Cup Official Crews: Crews must be composed by a driver and a navigator. They start individually at 1 minute distance. Overtaking is not allowed. They drive alone and get driving instructions from the Road-book (distributed on Friday morning, before the start). They participate in the Touring Cup challenge using the app for mobile devices Touring Cup Pro.


To send your registration request to the Brera Touring Cup 2020, you must complete in all its parts and then send the registration form. An email will be sent to the address provided for confirmation of receipt within 72 hours. The submission of the registration request does not imply automatic acceptance. A second email will be sent with all the payment information (deposit and final payment) which are binding for the participation.

NOTE: Since the participation in the Touring Cup as an Official Crew involves reading a Roadbook and other support tools, it is NECESSARY, for safety reasons and to actively participate to the Event, to register a crew of at least two people (Driver + Navigator). Anyone wishing to participate individually is allowed to follow the itinerary as Tourer but being excluded from the Touring Cup classification.

- Deposit: waiting for more information on the evolution of COVID across Europe we decided to postpone the payment of the Deposit to April 30, 2021. Amount of deposit fee is of € 150 for each subscriber.

- Down payment: by May 30, 2021, a down payment of € 240 must be paid for each subscriber. The down payment can be paid optionally together with the deposit. For registrations submitted after May 30, deposit and advance payment must be paid together at the registration date. 

- Final payment: the balance of the remaining amount must be paid by June 14 2021. In case the registration is submittend after June 14, the entire participation fee must be paid at the registration date.


It is possible to request the cancellation of the registration to the Event until 15 June 2021. With regard to the registration fees already paid, the following rules will apply:

- Deposit: non refundable
- Registration fee already paid:

Total refund for cancellations received by May 30 2021

50% refund for cancellations received by June 15 2021

No refund for cancellations received from June 15 2021 until the date of the event

In the event of cancellation of the Event by the organizers for organizational reasons or for reasons of force majeure, 100% of the fees paid and 80% of the deposits will be refunded regardless of the date of cancellation.


Payments must be made by bank transfer to the following coordinates:


Bank: PostFinance Ltd

Address: Mingerstrasse, 20 - 3030 Bern

Account: 15-6826853

IBAN: CH26 0900 0000 1568 2685 3


Payable to: 939 Privilege Owners Club

Address: 8302 Kloten (Zurich) CH

euroSCI Clearing-Nr: 090002

Reason for payment: Brera Touring Cup 2021


Participation in the event involves the commitment of each participant to know the Rules of Conduct. The 2021 Edition regulation is downloadable at the link below.




Participation at the Touring Cup 202', three days all-inclusive.


Includes Dashboards, Car Identification Numbers, Plates, Road-book, free App for Android or Apple devices downloadable from Google Play or Apple Store, an exclusive gadget branded Brera Touring Cup 2020, Sponsors gifts, individual badge of participation for Tourers and Cup Official Crews, Card with participation stamps for the Touring Cup 2020 Edition.


- Open Bar, Soft Lunch on Friday 12th

- Welcome cocktail and dinner on Friday 12

- Lunch on Saturday 13

- Welcome cocktail and dinner on Saturday 13

- Lunch on Sunday 14

- 1 bottle of water 0.5 lt. per participant at the start of each stage or on request


- Squares and access routes to the main stage destinations reserved for the event

- Overnight on Friday 12th at Residence / Hotel *** or equivalent in a double or twin room for single use, WiFi connection, reserved parking space, breakfast.

- Overnight Saturday 13 at Residence / Hotel *** or equivalent in a double or double room for single use, WiFi connection, reserved parking space, breakfast.


- License plate for the winner of the Iseran Cup Tour
- Winning Tour Cup Winners crew plate

- Plate for the winner of the Competition of Elegance

- Winning crew plaque for the Photography Competition

- Award plaque for the club with the highest number of participants

- Trophy for first, second and third crew classified Brera Touring Cup

- Trophy for the Club with the best overall position

- Trophy for the Club with the best overall score


* Locations, Restaurants and Hotels are being approved and will be publised on this page by May 2021