COVID-19 POLICY                                         last update 15/06/2021


Art.1 GENERAL RULES - update 8/7/2021 FINAL

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Per garantire svolgimento dell'evento is assoluta sicurezza è indispensabile che tutti i partecipanti si attengano strettamente alle condizioni di partecipazione indicate in questa pagina. Chi ritenesse di non volersi attenere a tali comportamenti dovrà comunicarlo alla Organizzazione dell'Evento ed astenersi dalla partecipazione. Eventuali comportamenti non in linea con quanto prescritto, durante lo svolgimento dell'Evento, dovranno essere segnalati alla organizzazione e potranno risultare in ammonimenti e, se necessario, esclusione dall'Evento.

1) Mandatory Antigenic Test COVID-19

All those who do not fall into one of the following cases are obligatorily required to perform the antigenic coronavirus test during the morning of Friday 9 July:

  • They have completed the prescribed anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination course for at least 14 days

  • They are cured of COVID-19 (the validity of the certificate of healing is 180 days from the date of the first positive swab)

The execution of the tests will take place on Friday 9 July. We have arranged for the necessary tests to be carried out at the REPETTO LORENZO PHARMACY, Piazza Della Chiesa, 13. The Pharmacy has reserved for our Event a special price of € 25 per person to be paid individually for its execution. The Pharmacy will deliver in 15 minutes a Certificate valid for border crossing (foreigners) or a Greenpass (Italians) valid for 48 hours.
Attention, it is not necessary to call the pharmacy to book the test, we will organize the groups and times of execution of the tests and we will provide you with specific information in order to minimize the inconvenience.


To speed up the test execution times, it will be necessary to download and fill in the following forms:

2) Rules of conduct during the event



2.1) Use of the mask

All participants in the event must wear a surgical mask, FP2 or in CE approved fabric during all phases of the event, except when they are driving their cars. The mask must be put on BEFORE leaving your vehicle and removed only AFTER getting on board. Surgical and / or approved masks will be distributed free of charge by the Event Organization to the extent of two masks per day for each participant. In order to reduce the environmental impact it is recommended to dispose of the masks during stops in hotels and restaurants in appropriate containers. In the case of crews made up of two non-cohabiting participants, the use of the mask will be mandatory even inside the car.

2.2) Safety distances

All participants must comply with the safety distances. In particular, it will be mandatory to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from the other participants during stops, meetings, lunches, dinners, activities in the Hotel. It is recommended to avoid handshakes, exchange of objects and personal effects, exchange of cars.

2.3) Hand sanitation

On the occasion of each stop, lunch, dinner, activity in the Hotel it will be necessary to carry out a hand iginzzazione. Special disinfectant dispensers will be set up by the Organization.

2.4) Measurement of body temperature

All participants will have to independently carry out a temperature measurement before reaching the starting point of the event and every day of participation. The Organization will perform a body temperature measurement to all participants on Friday 9 July from 10:00 at the time of arrival at the accreditation. Temperatures above 37.5 degrees will lead to the participant's departure and the activation of a medical diagnostic service. In case of crew of two people, the second participant will be subjected to the same procedures.

2.5) Reporting of malaise or symptoms similar to COVID-19

All participants who experience symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 immediately before or during the event will be MANDATORY required to immediately notify the event organization which will isolate them and coordinate the activation of emergency medical support.

2.6) Self-certification

Each participant will be required to complete and deliver, during the accreditation phase, under his civil and criminal responsibility, a self-certification document certifying his state of good health and the absence of pathologies related to COVID-19 in the period prior to the Event. It is recommended to download the form and fill it in in advance in order to reduce the accreditation time

To be submitted by 3/7/2021 (one form for each participant)
Please indicate if you fall into one of the following cases:

Your forma has ben successfully submitted. Thank you!


Attention: these rules are valid on the date of update of this protocol shown above. They could change at any time so it is recommended to check this page on a daily basis in the days prior to the Event

2.1 Entry into Italy from abroad

Source: Italian Ministry of Health, COVID-19 travelers

All participants in the 2021 Brera Touring Cup Event will arrive in Italy from Group C countries, for which the following rules currently apply:

2.1.1 Limitations

According to Italian law, travel to / from these countries is allowed without the need for a motivation.
There are limitations in case of transit or stay in List D and / or List E countries in the 14 days prior to entry into Italy, therefore if any of the participants came from countries other than List C they will be required to indicate this in the '' self-declaration and to scrupulously comply with the entry and mobility requirements even renouncing participation, in case these require quarantine.

2.1.2 Requirements

For all those who have stayed or passed through in the fourteen days prior to entering Italy in one or more states and territories referred to in List C of Annex 20, the legislation provides that upon returning to Italy it is mandatory:

submit the green certification showing that you have undergone a molecular or antigenic swab carried out within 48 hours before entering Italy with a negative result fill in the Passenger Locator Form - Digital localization form - before entering Italy. The form replaces the self-declaration made to the carrier communicate your entry to the Prevention Department of the competent health authority for the area (See the page: COVID-19 Toll-free numbers and regional information


2.2 Entry into France from Italy

Source: Consolato d'Italia a Parigi - Focus Coronavirus

You do not need a swab if you are already vaccinated (two-dose vaccine + 14 days or single-dose vaccine + 28 days). If you have not been vaccinated or have not yet completed the vaccination cycle, you can enter France with both molecular and antigen tests. Click here to view the table prepared by the French authorities.

2.2 Entry into Italy from France

Anyone who enters Italy from France from 16/05/2021 to 31/07/2021, for any reason and by any means, is obliged to:

- submit the certification showing that you have undergone a molecular or antigenic swab carried out in the 48 hours before entering Italy with a negative result; THERE IS OBLIGATION TO TAMPER TO ENTER ITALY EVEN IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY VACCINATED.
- fill in the digital localization form that replaces the self-declaration;
- notify the Prevention Department of the competent health authority for the area of their entry (See the page: COVID-19 Toll-free numbers and regional information)



​Below are the COVID-19 policies of the hotels and restaurants that will host the Brera Touring Cup 2021. If you do not agree with the policies provided, you are required to inform the Event Organization and to renounce participation.



All. 1 Hotel Alla Posta (Saint Vincent)


All. 2 Hotel Les Savoyardes (Val d'Isere)

Protocol required, to be provided (for more info: +33 4 79 06 01 55

In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), additional safety and sanitation measures are in effect at this property.

Food & beverage services at this property may be limited or unavailable due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), this property is taking steps to help protect the safety of guests and staff. Certain services and amenities may be reduced or unavailable as a result.

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), this property has reduced reception and service operating hours.

Spa and gym facilities at this property are unavailable due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).


All. 3 Restaurant i-Gloo (Sestriere)

Protocol required, to be provided (for more info: +39 338 5346339


All. 4 Hotel Pas du Loup (ISOLA 2000)

Protocol required, to be provided (for more info: +33 (0)826 300 250

All. 5 Hotel Restaurant Les Terraces d'Eze